Who or what I am as far as they are concerned, is not necessarily, or thereby, “me”, as far as I am concerned. I am presumably “what” they are describing, but not their description. I am the territory, what they say I am is their map of me. What or where, is the territory?

Words in a poem, sounds in movement, rhythm in space, attempt to recapture personal meaning in personal time and space from out of the sights and sounds of a depersonalized and dehumanized world. They are bridgeheads into alien territory. They are acts of insurrection. Their source is from the Silence at the center of each of us...

-- R. D. Laing

There’s no place like home!

-- Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

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There is no place like the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. It is the most unique and biologically diverse of all the North American deserts. Here you will find worlds within worlds, amazing creatures unlike any you’ve ever seen, invigorating landscapes, soothing skyscapes, and a magical peace beyond compare. Best to look at, but not to touch -- except with your heart. It is an extremely delicate and inimitable masterpiece formed with an ancient and mysterious media that no one can reproduce but the Master Artist herself -- Mother Nature. If we do not do all we can to preserve it, it will be lost forever.
-- Judy

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May what is discovered here benefit all beings...